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 Fresh Ginger Exporter

H.S Code: 0910.11.00

Description:   Matured top grade quality gingers from the biggest and the best gingers plantation  in Thailand.  Available in mixed sizing or selected sizes.

Specification:  Matured Fresh Gingers available in mix sizes from 100 gms-500 gms and up.

Origin:  Thailand

Packing: 20 or 30 kgs. in mesh and/or 10-13 kgs. in corrugated  box

MOQ: 1×20’ FCL reefer container 13 MT or 1 x 40’ FCL reefer container  27 MT

Delivery: Within 2-3 weeks after deposit.

Payment: 50% Deposit upon order confirmation, balance 50% within 3 days before loading.


 Fresh Ginger Exporters

Ginger is a versatile root that is very popular in cooking and herbal medication as well. You can use ginger in many forms like grated and ground. Lintas Era’s fresh organic ginger is gnarled and knotted root has tan skin and pale yellow-green to ivory flesh color. Our company is certified that our product is free of artificial or synthetic fertilizers. We do not use any kind of chemicals or artificial manures to grow ginger. Our fresh ginger is full of great and unforgettable tasting flavors. To provide the best fresh ginger to our customers, farmers use traditional methods of earth-friendly farming, moreover, inspected by our experts to verify the organic authenticity.

Lintas Era Co. Ltd is one of the top ginger exporters and has been in the industry for quite a long. Since our inception, we have been winning the appreciation of our customers, which makes us stand out among the fresh ginger exporter. We are known for providing fresh gingers to customers all over the world.

Why Buy Export Quality Fresh Gingers from Us?

Lintas Era provides fresh organic ginger, and there is no compromise on the freshness of gingers. We offer fresh ginger in two forms: mature ginger and young ginger also. If you want mature ginger, we provide ginger that is gnarled and knotted root, has dry skin, brown, and pale yellow to ivory flesh. Our young ginger is very tender also has a milder flavor. This type of ginger has a tough skin that conserves peppery, slightly sweet-hot flesh.

We strive to provide as fresh ginger as possible to our customers. This root serves a variety of uses and can be utilized in several ways like to make confections, baked items, and also certain liqueurs. The flavor of our ginger is very fresh and refreshing which makes are highly in demand for popular beverages such as ginger beer and ginger ale. Our product also provides delicious flavor too many savories dished like curries, soups, and meats. Moreover, it is essential in making delicious sweets like gingersnaps, gingerbread, and many cookies. Being fresh ginger exporters, offer special deals to bartenders, restaurant owners, and bakery owners.

Tremendous Health Benefits Of Fresh Ginger

Lintas Era Co., Ltd aims to bring the best fresh ginger to our customers. Ginger has a solution to several health problems. We provide mature top-grade quality gingers from the best ginger plantation. Our farmers have all the high equipment and products to come up with the healthiest and most fresh ginger to all the customers. Undoubtedly, our organic ginger ranging health benefits from pain relief to calming an upset stomach. Being the top fresh ginger exporters, we provide fresh organic ginger that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that have effective medicinal health benefits.

Fresh ginger is best for digestion and solves all stomach problems. From reducing gas and bloating to reduce stomach fats, ginger is best for all. Our high-quality organic ginger is also best for reducing weight and dissolving fats from any part of the body. There are many health advantages of ginger green tea, so we also supply our organic ginger to the green tea manufacturer. Fresh ginger also has the magical power of relieving pains like cramps or muscle pain.

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