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Dried Butterfly Pea Flower – Blue

Dried Butterfly Pea Flower – Blue

H.S. Code: 0603.19.00

Description: Processed from fresh organic butterfly pea flowers, natural wind dried and further dried in close processing house to secure perfect nutrition from butterfly pea flowers.

Origin: Thailand

Packing: 100 gms  in Aluminum Foil Bag and put in corrugated box, 5 kgs. per box.   Packing can be customized in bulk.

MOQ: 100 kgs.

Delivery: With 7 days after deposit.

Payment: By Bank transfer  30-50% deposit upon order confirmation and balance before shipment.



Buy Fresh Butterfly Pea Flower From Dried Butterfly Pea Flower Suppliers

For more than 10 years, Lintas Era is providing 100% pure and chemical-free products to its customers. We have a remarkable position in the market with an exceptional experience with recent trends and customers’ requirements. We are one of the professional dried butterfly pea flower suppliers who have a huge experience of supplying high-quality pure butterfly pea flowers to customers according to their requirements. You can buy a healthy, tasteful, and naturally flavored butterfly pea flower from Lintas Era at lower prices. You can have different flavors like honey, lemon, and many more of butterfly pea flower for a healthy drink. You can use 100% pure product and use it in several ways.

Get The Best Services And Products From Us

Nothing is important than our customers’ satisfaction and health. As the leading butterfly pea flower suppliers, Lintas Era has the aim to provide a healthy life to its customers. We aim to satisfy our customers with pure products and the best services. We offer 100% organic pea flower. All our products are verified and have a health tag at the pack. To provide the best product to customers all over the world, we use zipper packaging, which has a convenient opening. The process of transportation can damage the product, so we use zipper packaging to keep it safe. You can get your products within just a few days after the order. The packaging helps easy to store longer and retains freshness. When you stored correctly, Lintas Era’s products can last one year or more. You can get a safe, healthy, and pure butterfly pea flower at low prices.

Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Flower

Buying exceptional quality of butterfly pea flower from renowned dried butterfly pea flower suppliers can be fruitful when it comes to the numerous benefits. This tea herb is very healthy and uses for food coloring. It is a high antioxidant, which makes it ideal for treating eyesight issues. Our product is 100% natural and provides a high-quality product to our customers to help them get the most out of our products, including several benefits. There are many traditional recipes from Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia, and other countries that use these leaves in food without any fear.

  • Improve hair growth and skin

Being reckoned as the top dried butterfly pea flower suppliers, we offer pea flowers that are highly rich in bioflavonoids, so they promote hair growth and reduces hair greying. Our product is high in antioxidants to encourage collagen and elastin synthesis. This property helps lessen face wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, and reduce other signs of aging.

  • Aphrodisiac and antioxidant

We offer the purest butterfly pea flower that traditionally uses as an aphrodisiac and treats other muscle problems.

Our butterfly pea flower is high in flavonoids, phenolic, and anthocyanin compounds. These properties help in decreasing oxidative stress.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Our deep indigo flowers are full flavonoids, which is one of the powerful antioxidants with the power of anti-inflammatory and benefits of immune systems. It also increases blood flow when you take it regularly. It is useful in the treatment of glaucoma, retinal damage, blurred vision, and tired eyes.

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